Tuesday, July 21, 2009

These are a Few of My Favorite Things

Are you singing along yet?
Well, I sat down at my dining room table the other day and made a list of my favorite things. These are things that I could eat anytime, because I know they will be fantastic and enjoyable and I don't have to worry about them. Not all of them are healthy - so, that is why I choose not to eat them all the time. Some are places, some are friends and family recipes. Enjoy. What are your favorite things?

egg white omelettes
pbj - Skiipy Natural and homemade berry jam
boiled chicken
oatmeal chocolate chip cookies (or any oatmeal cookie for that matter)
oh's cereal by the handful - no milk necessary
mac and cheese
fresh fruit and veggies

Dad: creole black eyed peas, chicken and yellow rice
Mom: any casserole she makes, orange slice squares
Alan: anything on the grill - he makes an incredible steak
Ty: she's a whiz at pies - especially southern favorites
Granny: chicken and rice, ghoulash (elbow mac, hamburger, tomato sauce, and onions)
Papa: smoked mullet, hash and french fries (homemade)

Fosters in Durham: black bean breakfast burrito or any of their scones
MadHatters in Durham: ginger cookies
Chais in Durham: thai yellow curry with chicken and edemame
Outback: special cooked medium, salad, veggies, and their delicious bread.
Cheesecake Factory: Dulce le Leche cheesecake
Havana Rumba in Louisville: Vaca Frita and sweet potato fries with plantains
Barnacle Bills Beachside - St. Augustine: Datil shrimp, applesauce, fries, and hushpuppies
Sonny's BBQ: pulled pork sandwich, fries, unsweet tea
Phyllis and Billy: Sweet tea and anything off the grill
Lindsay Weldy: sour cream biscuits and sweet and spicy cashew chicken
Shiraz in Louisville: falafel (especially in 2.99 Tuesday)
Jones: lime antipasto platter
Wild Eggs: Everything Muffins
Panera: Gingerbread bagel
Red Robin: Royal Red Robin Burger (most fattening thing on this whole menu hands down), with fries, tower o rings, and a speckled lemonade

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Anonymous said...

And in Wild Egg, a fried egg sandwich with avocado. Yum-0