Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Restaurant Review and Ode - Lucky 32 (Raleigh)

I love this place! It was a sad day on Saturday when it was going to be the last time I would eat there. LUCKY 32 is my fave restaurant in all of Raleigh - and it is the state capital. Now, they do have other ones, but the one in Cary just isn't as great. The atmosphere is swanky, contemporary. We sat outside because it was such a gorgeous day. I introducted Claudia to it, and she loved it too.
I had the Citrus Grilled chicken salad. They had a ff honey mustard dressing and then the salad was great. Chicken was moist and marinated in an orange dressing of some sort. But the salad had blueberries on it - that was a surprise and walnut bread crumbs. I shared some of Claudi's appetizer - crab and artichoke dip with the bread and these little parmesan crisps - just the right crispness and parmesan cheese baked on top. Then for dessert we had the sorbet (raspberry, lemon, and mango) with cinnamon shortbread cookies. Sorbet was amazing - cookies were a little soggy, or stale. So be it.
Enjoy the pictures - Claudi took them. Bye bye 32 - you were a nice friend while you are were here. Randy, MG, Vic, my parents, Claudie - all will agree. Laura I think used to even work there. Oh, what a sad day...

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Anonymous said...

Hey Kim!

Great post. Good to see you by the restaurant. Thanx for letting me know about it - it was good to get one more time in there.