Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Restaurant Reviews: Cheesecake Factory & Chen's Kitchen

Went to two totally different restaurants this weekend. Different in many ways:
1. Atmosphere - Cheesecake is high, fancy, but comfortable and Chen's is a whole in the wall with a neon sign at the end of a strip mall with a Food Lion in it in a small town in Franklin County.
2. Food: CF is all-american food with the best cheesecake's outside of NYC. CK is chinese-american with the best General Tso's chicken I've ever eaten. I would honestly say I like Chen's better.

CF - Last night I went with Michelle who had actually never been, because there is a Maggiano's down the mall strip from it. She usually goes there. I had the house salad which was great, their pumpernickel bread with oats on top - too much of it, and the black bean soup, which I didn't like because it was pureed instead of whole black beans. The balsamic on the salad was worth every penny I spent. I even asked for some to go with my salad I had leftover! I passed on the cheesecake b/c it isn't my birthday yet. If anyone knows how to make the balsamic dressing from there - please share the recipe!

CK - I went with my friend Maggie who lives in Franklinton. This place I found by my friend Randy who loves it too. It has been about 3 years since I ate there, but it is still great. This time I chose something healthier - the broccoli with garlic sauce and white rice. I also got some Egg Drop Soup. That is always a winner. I didn't eat much of it though, because it is very high in sodium (the only thing bad about Chinese food). But, the garlic sauce wasn't as spicy as I like it, but the broccoli was very al dente' (so Dad wouldn't like it). It was very good.

So, now I get to eat at home today - enjoying leftovers and not wanting to go grocery shopping before I go to FL this weekend. :)

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