Monday, July 07, 2008

My Favorite Chicken

I love this! Give me one of these and I am happy for a good bit. Not to mention I have the broth to use for later soups and stews - but I love the taste of boiled chicken - it is probably my favorite way to have it.
So - I have one that has just finished boiling. I am going to freeze the broth. And then for the next 11 days before I leave for TN I'm going to have chicken stuff. I'm going to make: lemon basil chicken salad, chicken salads (with greens), and I'll probably make another dish with it as well.
The best key to boiling chicken is to keep the flavoring simple. Today I just put some Lowry's season salt in mine. That way the chicken goes with anything.
Simple, cheap, multiple uses! :) Go for it!

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Brian, Mandy, Kate, Thomas, and Isaiah said...

So, I am digging your food blog. And you have from scratch recipes that even people living in another country can make. Kudos. and thanks!
Mandy Holder Davis