Monday, November 10, 2008

Menu Week - November 10

This week's menu will be short as I am leaving for Raleigh on Thursday after work. Can't wait! :) But, here we go!
Monday - Lunch with Brandi at 60West here in the St. Matthew's area. I think I am going for the veggie wrap unless they have amazing soup since it is cold but sunny here in the ville. Dinner will be an egg white omelette and then on to baking an 3-apple pie for Chris' b-day.
Tuesday - Lunch will be a pbj with pear butter that my friend Rachael made me and some pretzels and fruit. Dinner will be a salad with salmon on it. I am meeting a new friend for coffee at La Vida Java here in the ville after pilates.
Wednesday - Lunch will hopefully be my yogurt parfait if Founders has any and some pretzels. Dinner is an egg white omelette and apple. I'm going to try some pumpkin cheesecake muffins for small group - we'll see how they turn out.
Thursday - Lunch is some leftover soup. Dinner will be a sandwich - something easy to take with me in the car as a friend and I start our trek to RDU by way of WVa.
Friday - Lunch is at the Tea Room in Wake Forest with my friend Charity. Dinner is grilled chicken and veggies with friends Kasey and Frank
Saturday - Lunch is a healthy fall meal at the women's conference I am speaking at in Apex. Dinner is with one of the coolest families in the world - the Bacons - in Durham.
Sunday - Lunch is at the Wright's in Raleigh and dinner is on the road back to the ville.

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