Sunday, November 23, 2008

Taste of Owensboro: Rolling Pin and Moonlite BBQ

Went to Owensboro this weekend to hang out with new friends, the Martins and Whitakers. Saturday morning tradition at the Martin's house is donuts from the Rolling Pin. I did have a little bit of a chocolate glazed no filling long john and a donut hole. The dough itself was so soft and tender - not tough like some donuts. Chocolate was more icing then glaze. Donut hold was amazing - good flavor. Better then KK donut holes. Thanks Kerry for going out in 15 degree weather to get them - I was very glad to distract Andrew while you got out the door!
For dinner we went to the famed O-boro BBQ joint - Moonlite BBQ Inn. Known for its buffet and home cooking - I was thankful to hang out with the family and enjoy bbq. They had bbqd beef, pork ribs, mutton, chopped pork, bbq chicken. I didn't get any of the beef or mutton, but out of everything - the only thing I didn't like was the bbqd chicken - it was dry and overcooked. Sonny's is much better. The sides were amazing - mac and cheese, corn, green beans, cheesy broccoli, yeast rolls - you can't go wrong with country cooking! The desserts were a buffet in themselves - everything you could think of. I had a little bit of carrot cake and a little bit of coconut cream pie. Full and satisfied with good company - I journeyed back to the ville.

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