Monday, November 03, 2008

Menu Week - November 3

Well, this week will be kinda crazy too - due to housesitting - but will get in some cooking this week:
Monday - Lilly's clam chowder for lunch. She made some on Wednesday and brought it to me at work - I look forward to heating it up! Egg White omelet and steamed broccoli for dinner (gotta use up the broccoli before it goes bad).
Tuesday - I should do something red white and blue in honor of Election Day, hmmmmm... Soup for lunch (either Tyler's or Lilly's). Oatmeal with mixed berries (r, wh, and b) after voting.
Wednesday - Soup for lunch (whichever one I don't have on Tuesday). Dinner will be chicken tenders and fresh green beans. Small group baking is an apple pecan cake - unfortunately most of my golden delicious apples are gone.
Thursday - Yogurt parfait (from Founders if they have any, they've been slacking). Egg White omelette for dinner with some veggies.
Friday - both meals will be on the road to B'ham.
Saturday - Hotel breakfast, lunch at my cousins house
Sunday - breakfast at cousins house, then heading back to the Ville.

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