Tuesday, December 30, 2008

2009 Cooking Resolutions

I heard someone say this weekend that they categorize their resolutions. So, that is what I'm doing this year. Since this is my food blog - these resolutions will have to do with cooking. There are three of them.
1. I get to cook one new recipe a week. A week is Monday-Sunday. This week I will at least be doing 5 new recipes - it won't be like this every week though. In my menu blog at the beginning of the week - I'll tell you which one is the new recipe.
2. Since I collect cookbooks, I must start using them. So I counted all mine up (not including magazines) and I have about 60. That means I have to cook one recipe out of each cookbook this year. That will be fun, but also hard. It will also give me a chance to hopefully work with some new ingredients!
3. For the healthier end of things - I would like to start cooking with more legumes, whole grains, fish, and veggies.
What are your cooking or food resolutions this year?

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