Saturday, December 13, 2008

Christmas Baking Fun

Last night I went over to a friend's house, Brandi, of Bites with Brandi, and had a great time baking with some fun ladies. Only one had I met before - so we got to know each other better, but it was just baking with people.
You had to bring a favorite holiday recipe, all the ingredients, and give the finished product to the other ladies. So I left with 8 things last night in a little goodie bag! And a butterfly (I know not Christmas, but fun) cookie cutter. We had pizza and roasted red pepper hummus and veggies - and then nibbled of course while we were baking.
We made: chocolate macaroons, no bakes, chocolate covered pretzels, pupmkin bread, brown sugar chews, pistachio craisin white chocolate biscotti, rocky road bark, chocolate peanut butter bars. My Mom will love the rocky road bark (Brandi's), you can't go wrong with white chocolate, I woke up hungry about 4.45 this morning and had a bite of Sarah's pumpkin bread - very moist.
All in all, it was fun and we had a great time baking. The guys were watching Elf and Narnia and the kids.

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