Sunday, December 21, 2008

Menu: Christmas Week

There are a lot of big meals this week, but then eating out and little ones too! :) I'll enjoy cooking with my Mom this week in a big kitchen! Going to FL tomorrow!
Monday - traveling (airport food), taco soup
Tuesday - Brunch: arugula salad with fruit and panettone croutons, egg cuties (from Bonnie), cinnichip scones (already on here), ambrosia salad with vanilla yogurt and homemade granola (already on here) and washing it down with Citrus Punch. Then dinner at Alan and T's: ribeyes, shrimp, rolls, salad, sauteed shrooms, garlic roasted onions, roasted brussel sprouts, nanaimo bars and deep chocolate torte.
Wednesday - Sweet potato, apple, and sausage bake (recipe from my friend Sarah that I had a few weeks ago) and then a grilled chicken salad for dinner (something light to counter the eating together days!
Thursday - Smoked mullet, ham, cornpudding casserole (from BGC), applesauce for granny, sweet potato casserole, cauliflower au gratin, sour cream biscuits (from Lindsay), lemon glazed lemon cake, apricot sandwich cookies, broccoli salad.
Friday - Sonnys and probably Barnicle Bills
Saturday - hotel breakfast, lunch with Robshaws, airport food
Sunday - eating with Sarah and Cheryl while shopping for NYE outfits!

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