Monday, December 29, 2008

Menu: Last week of 2008

I'm already starting this health(ier) eating thing even though we aren't quite into the New Year. This week also holds my birthday - so we'll see how that goes. More on 2009 Food Resolutions in a coming blog.
Monday - Asahi sushi for lunch (I had 4 of the california roll, 4 of the Spicy Crab Roll - that was amazing, some of the hibachi veggies, and a salad). Dinner will be veggies and an egg white omelette.
Tuesday - Progressive dinner with friends. I'm making a pear/gorgonzola/cherry/pecan salad with honey mustard vinaigrette. Laura is making meatballs. And Beth has desserts. This will be fun!
Wednesday - no clue yet. I'm making a hummus platter to take to a NYE party.
Thursday - Orange Cranberry muffins, Tilapia with citrus vinaigrette and veggies.
Friday - Brunch with Reed's: ham, grits/greens/eggs, cinnamon rolls, citrus salad
Saturday - Dinner at Joneses'
Sunday - Lunch with Lilly somewhere for my birthday!

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