Friday, June 12, 2009

Menu Week: June 15

Again - this post of next week's menu is coming early as I have a busy and mostly out of the house weekend coming up tomorrow.
Vegetarian week has gone well again. I've been housesitting and didn't have a surplus of veggies on hand, so a little harder. Definitely gotta keep stocked!
So, here it is:
Heading to a friend's house for Mexican and berries on Monday (my meat meal for the week).
Egg white omelettes and veggies and salads are my friends. Picking my strawberries at Huber's tomorrow.
A strawberry-mozzerrella will make an appearance this week - can't wait for that.
Friend is coming in town for the wknd: Blue Dog Bakery, Gelato Gilberto's, healthy snacks for hiking, Beargrass Farmer's Market, seafood and salad with this week's recipe (Gruyere-Chive Popovers), Quillo's for coffee and live jazz, Grape Leaf, and a yogurt bar complete with homemade granola, whole wheat bread, and strawberry sour cream brown sugar scones.
Again - fresh veggies this week from markets, baking, and exercising! Buy locally, hike locally! Good motto for the week!

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