Sunday, June 28, 2009

Menu Week - June 29

Well, we are halfway through the year. It is hot here in Louisville, so I don't like to cook much. I like simple things and cold things.
Monday - roasted veggies and egg white omelettes (the veggies are already done)
Tuesday - Blueberry Coffee Cake Scones for a secretary breakfast as this will be the recipe of the week. First though I'm heading to Calistogas for breakfast with a friend
Wednesday - new restaurant - El Mundo. Looking forward to it.
Thursday - egg white omelette and salad with blueberries and tomatoes
Friday-Sunday - I'll be housesitting and just chilling. So I doubt I'll be eating a lot. I would like to cook something special for the 4th - so if you have any grand ideas I'd love to know them. Maybe grab a steak and veggies - that will be good. Something light for dessert while out by the pool - use those berries I got this past weekend.

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