Tuesday, June 30, 2009

What I like right now:

I love these little installments!
1. Frozen blueberries. I went and picked some at Hubers last weekend. I almost like these frozen better than fresh. They are so yummy. I eat a handful with some Cool Whip Free - nice evening snack after walking and yoga.
2. Gelato Gilberto's. Amazing place near the Summit in the ville - totally opposite end of town, so I'm glad or I would eat more. I'm still thinking about the Key Lime Pie I tried and the Cookies and Cream on a cone which I devoured. Glad it had less calories than Cold Stone. Going there again hopefully on the 11th.
3. Mustard. I think I may have put this on here before. I love its tang. And the fact that it is natural and few calories. I'm dipping my carrots in them right now for part of my lunch.
4. Homemade Jam. My friend Rachael taught me how to make freezer jam. SO GOOD! I've never had jams taste as much like their fruit counterparts as this. So glad I still have 3 ctrs in my freezer. I just had some on a pbj.
5. Water. I know - this is a copout. But, I drink it mostly room-temp because I don't like it cold unless I have a straw. I drink so much of this stuff. I'm glad its free at restaurants (and you can probably see most wait-staff rolling their eyes because it takes away from the price of your total bill - or doesn't add anything to it). But, its also good for you - and great when it is really hot outside (like its been recently in the Ville).

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