Monday, June 22, 2009

Taste of Louisville: Blue Dog Bakery

I finally made it to a trendy spot right here in the Crescent Hill area of Louisville. With Rach here to visit, I thought it a perfect time to try out Blue Dog Bakery (no website). It is a bakery turned restaurant but mostly still a bakery.
I had the Bourbon Orange French Toast. 2 slices of I think brioche (but I could be wrong) bread that had the greatest flavor of orange in it. So soft, melt in your mouth texture. Amazing pairing - really didn't even need the syrup but I used some.
Rach got the scrambled eggs with goat cheese and green chili sauce. Saltiness from the goat cheese paired with the green chilis - light and fluffy eggs - served with 2 pieces of grain toast. She also said the decaf was very tasty.
Praice were reasonable (9-12) because the food was good.
The service...we got seated ok. We didn't go during the breakfast rush and I was glad. But, it took a while to get cream for the coffee and it took asking for a glass of water from 3 different people, 4 different times to get it (at the end of the meal).
To go, we got a nainamo bar to split (it was ok, would have been much better chilled or at least cool) and their granola - which was pretty good.
All in all - I will go back - but it won't be an every Saturday thing unless I just had more money and wasn't concerned about my waistline!

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dog bakery said...

Dogs would definitely enjoy munching on those. It's nice that there are now cookies and treats with different size and shapes.