Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Taste of Louisville: Come Back Inn

I had asked a friend for a recommendation in the West part of the Louisville. He said his brother liked this place. So, we went to the Come Back Inn on Swan. Let me start with what I liked about it:
1. The service. Our waitress was kind, fun, laid back - this wasn't an "uppity" place, and I really liked it. She gave me recommendations for what she liked. She kept my water filled and it didn't take forever to get our food. She deserved a good tip.
2. It was a local place. Small parking lot, but with lots of street parking. Neighborhood pub type feeling. Well attended for Tuesday dinner, but no wait.
3. The sauteed shrooms. The above bruschetta that Billy ordered for our appetizer came plain but with two small bowls: diced tomatoes and sauteed shrooms. The shrooms was so good. I ate more of them on my salad once the bread was gone.
Things I thought were just ok: (ok, just ok, fazolis is just ok)!
1. I got the caprese salad (although they didn't call it that). It was big salad with lots of bocconcini balls. The tomatoes were tasty. I gave more than half the balls of mozzerrella to Heather to finish off. The croutons were good but tasted like they came out of a bag and weren't "store made".
2. Heather's gyro wasn't much to look at and she said she had had better. Billy's salad was huge and he said it was good.
3. There were spelling errors on the menu. We were trying to figure out what a clamalta olive was - a kalamata olive. Oh...
So, maybe the pasta and pizza are amazing - but we didn't get those. So, I know I can't judge a restaurant on the 4 things that we ate. But, I would rather Fazolis - its cheaper too and the breadsticks are better!

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