Monday, August 10, 2009

Menu Week: August 10

This will be a light week because of spending money - I have none to spend.
Monday - lunch at school - new people running the cafeteria. We can eat for 3$.
Tuesday - black bean cakes and some whole wheat pasta
Wednesday - chikfila sandwich and some yogurt
Thursday - egg white omelettes, veggies,
Friday - chikfila sandwich (this is all we seem to serve at SBTS for busy weeks)
Recipe of the week is Melting Moments - a soft oat-y cookie that I have all the ingredients to make. I'll make them for the new school's placement exams.
This coming wknd I'll be in Cinci for a race and a Red's game. Will be going to 5 Guys (pre-race) and Trader Joes on Sunday night. Looking forward to time away!

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