Monday, August 24, 2009

Menu Week: August 24

This week is not a pay day so it won't have a lot of interesting things in it. Some of the things were from the family reunion this wknd - very grateful, even if I did gain over the wknd! That coconut cake was well worth it (and some hummingbird cake - both shared with my mom) and a bite of my Dad's key lime cake which was so pretty and moist! I come from two sides of families that can cook!
So, here's what is on tap for this week:
Okra and tomatoes, mexibean bake, salad with egg white omelettes, leftover Havana Rumba (fricase chicken and black beans and rice), Publix breakfast bread for breakfast some mornings, or Honey bunches of Oats (4 boxes this wknd from Publix sales). yummy stuff.
Recipe of the week will be Raisin and Nut Scones from The Treasure of Tea which was a going away present from a co-worker at Duke back in 2007.
Had Wild Eggs this morning, will finish up my week by breakfast out this wknd then dinner with the Weldys on Saturday (always yummy food).

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