Friday, August 28, 2009

Menu Week: August 31

Wow - the summer is gone. In a way I'm sad because I love summer fruits and my freezer is only so big. But, i am very glad because this week I break in apples, soups, etc to my menu planning! Fall definitely has the best food of any season!
Things I'm making this week:
Fried Okra
Okra and Tomatoes
Roasted Okra
Apple and Bacon Pancakes
Ravioli and Vegetable Soup
Boiled chicken
Roasted garlic hummus
Whole Wheat Pitas
Toffee Studded Snickerdoodle (recipe of the week for Sojourn's member meeting on Wednesday)

Things I'm finishing up this week:
Black beans and rice
Fricase Chicken
Mexibean bake
Summer Vegetable Crockpot soup

Going to Wild Eggs on Monday. Will have to figure out something fun to eat while I listen to the first Gator game of the season on Saturday.
Busy week.

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