Monday, August 17, 2009

Menu Week: August 17

This is a leftover/quick week. Looking forward to it. One thing that will be different is I am doing an Oats challenge by the Nourishing Gourmet - eating oats everyday for a week. So, check back next week for all the exciting ways I'm eating oatmeal for breakfast.

Monday: oats, cafeteria at work, leftover steak from Ruby Tuesdays with homegrown tomato and house roll from Fosters
Tuesday: spinach lasagna from Trader Joes and veggies, oats, and steak sandwich on roll like Monday.
Wednesday: Cookies from Martha Stewart for recipe of week. Oats, spinach lasagna, and egg white omelette for dinner.
Thursday: oats, pbj for lunch, veggies for dinner with some chicken.
Friday: oats, lunch with friends from Durham, pbj for dinner on road to AL.
Saturday: oats, home cooking from my aunt
Sunday: oats, mexibean bake and hummingbird cupcakes with orange marmalade frosting for family reunion.

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