Sunday, January 18, 2009

Menu Week: Jan 19

I am housesitting this week, so I have purposefully not added much to my fridge because I want things to be easy, portable, quick, and healthy. I have all of that in my fridge now. Only have to get some fruit and items to make breakfast for our Crossing Essentials class on Saturday.
Monday - chicken salad wrap (leftover chicken from soup), vegetable tagine
Tuesday - chicken salad over greens, spinach lasagna
Wednesday - chicken, mushroom, and rice soup, vegetable tagine
Thursday - spinach lasagna, minestrone soup
Friday - chikfila for Orientation lunch, yogurt, egg white omelettes
Saturday - Brunch for CE: banana muffins, morning glory muffins (out of King Arthur Flour Whole Wheat Baking cookbook, my recipe for week 3), cream cheese danish, egg cuties. Then I'm heading to Fazolis to use my bday dessert coupon before the month runs out.
Sunday - minestrone soup, cereal (random bowls are good for you)

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