Monday, January 26, 2009

Taste of Chinese Louisville: Great Wall

I love hole in the wall Asain places. My two favorite are Chen's in Franklinton, NC (just north of Wake Forest, a 10 minute drive from the seminary) and a fmr place called Charlie's in Chapel Hill down the store front from the gym I worked out. Both places were friendly, cheap, a lot of food, and both had amazing General Tso's chicken and Charlie's had phenomenal Corn Egg Drop soup.
There is a little grocery front place on Brownsboro in the Clifton area called Great Wall. That is where Brandi and I ate lunch today - well, actually we brought it back to the office. I think the place only has 4 tables so I assume most of their business is pick up/delivery.
I had the chicken and mixed vegetables. They gave me a ton of chicken - but actually I just ate all the veggies (and maybe a piece or two of the chicken before I decided I really just wanted the veggies). I ate about 1/2 cup of the plain rice (why don't more Chinese places serve brown rice?). I took one bite of the tasteless egg roll and decided that definitely wasn't worth it. So, I opted for one of Brandi's Crab Ragoons - those were SO good! :) Put a tad of duck sauce on the top and it was yummy.
So...good, not outstanding, but cheap (4.65 for an entree, rice, egg roll or soda). Not bed. And you could definitely get 2-3 meals out of it. so, really - 2.50 for lunch if you split it with someone is darn cheap! And I like darn cheap!
Now to drink a ton of water today to flush out all the sodium from my system!

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Anonymous said...

If that is the place next to the Dirty K- that place is awesome- SO cheap!! We used to get food from there when we lived in Springdale..