Saturday, January 24, 2009

Menu Week: January 26

I've been doing a lot of thinking (not much research) about the foods that go in my body, what I cook with, what I have in my refrigerator. But, not to go crazy and out there, but to eat balanced, healthy, etc. So, hopefully this week will reflect some of those thoughts:
Monday - Chinese (I'm doing chicken with mixed veggies) with Brandi from Great Wall on Brownsboro. Haven't figured out dinner yet - either leftover chinese or some roasted veggies (whatever I feel like after training and pilates while watching the Bachelor).
Tuesday - over the weekend I made some mini tortellini chicken vegetable soup so that is what leftovers this week will be. Grilled fish (either salmon or tilapia - whatever I'm in the mood for), sauteed spinach (inspired by the Gossetts).
Wednesday - soup and then roasted veggies and a salad for dinner. Making some chocolate and peanut butter desserts for CG in honor of Tony's bday.
Thursday - soup and Rachel Ray's chick pea salad for dinner with a grilled pork chop
Friday - soup (see a theme for leftover lunches) and egg white omelette and yogurt and fruit for dinner.
Saturday - Calistoga Cafe for breakfast (I think I'll get steel cut oatmeal and fruit) and then something fun for dinner - don't know what it will be yet. For my cookbook recipe this week I am making a muffin recipe out of the 2nd Plant City Primitive Baptist Cookbook - it is a pineapple bran muffin. I like to make muffins and take them to people, but then freeze some so I can sometimes mix up my normal breakfast.
And if you are wondering where the grains and fats are coming from - because I think we all need those in our diets. My normal breakfast is whole grain wheat and all natural peanut butter and fruit. I love all natural peanut butter.

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