Thursday, January 15, 2009

Winter Progressive Dinner Part 2

Tuesday night was our WPD.2. This time it was enjoyed with the Dawkinses and Myerses. I'm am sending you here to look at pictures and get Laura's take on the evening. The salad was good and easy - I like that. Laura's chili was warm and yummy with all the fixings - so good on a cold evening. Bonnie's cheesecake was great with a sour cream top layer - yummy! And I love cheesecake.
The salad I made was romaine, mandarin oranges, avocado, and smokehouse almonds. The dressing was oj, orange zest, red wine vinegar, s/p, and olive oil.
Here are some random things from the evening:
1. All the meals had a creamy layer to them: avocado on the salad, sour cream for the chili, cheesecake for dessert.
2. David taught us about beating the potato to make the skin open up easier to eat.
3. I just sat my little potato down in the big bowl of chili - makes the skin better (since there is vitamins in the skin of the potato).
4. I learn table decor from Laura every time I go over there.
5. We prayed for the guys' trip coming up and the people in Central Asia. That was a great way to end the evening.

I love these couples. They are a great example for me of cooking and marriage and friendship and selfLESSness and having a mission-heart. I am very thankful God put them in my life here at Southern. Bonnie, Laura, and I all work here in the admin offices, and Justin and David work here at the seminary as well. They go to church together at Immanuel - a great church dtown Ville. Bonnie and I take pilates most days together. I see Justin when I head to the student store and mail room.

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