Saturday, February 14, 2009

Menu Week: February 15

This is a busy week of baking and then heading to Indianapolis for my first 5k - and its going to be cold! :)
Sunday - white chicken chili, jalapeno corn muffins (Fosters), cherry orange compote with ice cream and crispy gingersnaps (RR, Fosters)
Monday - Winter Vegetable Stew (plus chicken). This is my recipe of 2009 for the week. It is out of a RR cookbook that Phyllis gave me while I was in ATL over Memorial Day.
Tuesday - Silky Pumpkin Pie for a birthday present (Fosters)
Wednesday - Key Lime Pie with Walnut-Gingersnap crust (Fosters) for a going away lunch at work and Red Velvet Truffles for small group (because there was a slight change to small group last week)
Thursday - Leftovers of Winter Veggie Stew
Friday - Oatmeal Banana Chocolate Chip muffins for our breakfast at work. My goal is Fazolis
Saturday - Bagel with pb on my way to Indy for the Polar Bear 5k and then lunch at a fun place in Indianapolis - any suggestions?
Looking forward to bakin

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