Friday, February 27, 2009

Menu Week: March 2

This week my parents are here and there is a race this weekend. Can't wait! Here goes!

Monday: breakfast I'll make some baked oatmeal for my Mom to eat when she wakes up. She likes it! Lunch is Lotsa Pasta in honor of her birthday. Dinner is White Plains Chili and for Dad's bday in May - low-fat banana pudding. Good stuff!
Tuesday: Dad and I are going to Calistoga's for breakfast (steel cut oats). Lunch is a bbq place near Bardstown. Dinner will be chicken salad on greens - or leftover chili - or we'll go out somewhere.
Wednesday: Wild Eggs for breakfast, chicken salad on wheat for lunch, dinner will be egg white on greens (get things back to normal)
Thursday: Turkey something (out of the 2003 Cooking Light Book - it will be the recipe of the week. Hopefully good, I've got some turkey to use up!
Friday: Picking up some Fazolis on my way to friends' so I can eat some cards to get me ready for the Anthem 5k on Saturday.
Saturday: After the 5k, Sarah, Chuck and I will grab breakfast. Lunch is with Sarah and Chris - so looking forward to that. Dinner will be something light I hope!
Bring on spring peas, asparagus, almost farmers market, my fave stand reopens - can't wait for Spring to get here! :)

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