Sunday, February 22, 2009

Menu week: February 23

This week will be leftovers and roasted chicken and turkey on salads. I ate a lot this weekend so I have to get back on track with eating right. Glad I don't have junk food in the house!
Monday: New Mexican place with Brandi - Los Aztecas - down Frankfort. I just had Mexican in E-town this weekend, but its a good cheap lunch. And Shiraz for dinner - I think I'll do a veggie kabob.
Tuesday: White Chicken Chili. Salad with egg white and chicken for dinner
Wednesday: Soup that I made on Sunday and salad for dinner. Maybe I'll get around to making those red velvet cake truffles this week for CG.
Thursday: Soup and then salad for dinner
Friday: Havana Rumba for lunch with the staff and salad with egg white and chicken for dinner.
Saturday: Leaving for AL to visit with family.
Sunday: AL
The recipe this week will be a banana pudding I am making for a friend's birthday. It is coming out of the Anastasia Baptist Church cookbook. From my home church in St. Augustine, FL. Looking forward to it - it should be pretty good! :)

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