Monday, February 09, 2009

Taste of a Chain Restaurant: PF Changs

I think I've been to PF Changs about 3 times in life. I know, for how good it is you would think I would go more. But, I haven't. Its too expensive. Usually I am in a place where there is a good cheap Asian fare place, but here in Louisville, there is no Charlie's or Chen's.
Tracy and I went last night. She had never had the PF Chang's experience.
We got the spring rolls as an appetizer - they were yummy.
I got the ginger chicken with broccoli, brown rice. I added heat to it - about a 5 - and it was warm, but not so warm that I couldn't taste the food. It was really good. The sauce was great and the meal cooked just right.
The side dish I ordered was the sauteed spinach in something...but it was way too salty so I didn't care for that.
Tracy got the szechuan (sp?) beef with vegetables - and it was mild, so no heat at all. It was ok. The beef was jerky style and I didn't care for that.
Tracy got the garlicky green beans and they were great.
We both definitely downed the water. And we had a great waitress, Jill, who kept us stocked with water! :)
So, is PF Chang's good - yes. Is it always worth the price - no. i like my 5$ lunch special good Chinese places! But, its good for an occassional night out.

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TimothyPaulJones said...

And the food was sufficiently good that you forgot your phone?