Monday, October 27, 2008

Menu Week - October 27

Well - the next two weeks of menus will be really unusual for me, because I am housesitting for the next two weeks - so it will be lots of leftovers and cooking only for special occasions. But, gotta keep on track with this or I won't pick it up again (and its been a good way for me to budget my food money):
Monday - leftover Tyler soup, salad with leftover Outback steak (yum)
Tuesday - Lunch with Brandi somewhere (she hasn't told me yet). Dinner will be egg white omelet I think (as long as I have time to wash my little pan - I forgot to spray it the other day when I made an omelet - so it is soaking...)
Wednesday - yogurt and apple and granola bar for lunch. Community group dinner at night (I think I'm doing homemade apple sauce and pumpkin whoopie pies - if they turn out - if not, devil food cupcakes)
Thursday - leftover Tyler soup for lunch and salad with chicken tenders on it for dinner
Friday - granola yogurt parfait from Founders for lunch and who knows for dinner because I have to work an RA shift and then go walk the dog.
Saturday - homemade pizzas and whatever I bring at the Wilders for the largest tailgate party prior to the Gator/Dawg game.

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