Sunday, October 19, 2008

Taste of Cincinnati: Montgomery Inn Boatside

When someone tells you they catered their wedding rehearsal dinner from this restaurant almost 2 hours away - you must go. And its bbq - it can't be bad (unless its all vinegar).
Mom, Dad, and I were in Cinci this weekend for a preaching conference at a church in Sharonville. We had Saturday dinner free so we picked this spot. Down right on the Ohio in the Bob Hope room - we enjoyed a great meal.
This restaurant has it all - great service, cloth napkins, plastic bibs, valet parking, great views, sports memorabilia all over the place, and fantastic food.
We had:
Ribs - these were no fat, full of flavor, fall off the bone, yummy ribs. Mom and I had the combo platter (with chicken) and dad just had a plate of ribs. We got the shrimp thai spring rolls for an appetizer. They were good with two sauces but more like egg rolls then spring rolls - but good thai flavor. Then our sides were broccoli (which was pretty raw but good flavor), jalapeno corn cakes (the only thing I didn't like - no flavor and very dry), and saratoga chips (their homemade potato chips you have to dip in the Montgomery Inn sauce). The bread they brought to the table (slices of sourdough and rye) would have been better if it was warm. But, oh well. Then we had a piece of carrot cake. It is in my top three of desserts - if it is good. This one definitely was. Three layers, with the little carrot on top with orange icing. Raisins, moist, not too much cream cheese frosting. Right on! We all split it so it wasn't too rich!
I really did like this place. While it was a little expensive - (about 20$ a person) - Dad said it was worth it.
Thanks Chris for the recommendation. And if you go on a Saturday night - call about 30 minutes ahead. We got there at 5 with our call ahead, but when we left shortly after 6 there was a 90 minute wait!

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