Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Taste of Louisville: Asahi

There is a new sushi place down the road from the seminary. Two of my profs rave about it - so I figured I had to try it. And a friend of mine likes "unique cuisine" and loves sushi - so we tried it today. Now, it was raining, there was traffic (80 minutes for her) on 64, I had left my wallet somewhere else, so we were in a hurry - but we will go back to it for a real dining experience.
I got the Vegetable Hibachi - grilled hibachi style veggies (too oily for me, lots of onions, big flat carrots which are great for eating with chopsticks), steamed rice (fried was extra), and a house salad (just run of the mill salad - will eat tonight for dinner). And we split the Baja California Roll to share - rice, avocado, cuk, with shrimp on top with tempura flakes. Having the number one sushi chef in the area really makes a different. So much better then the sushi I get at Kroger and not that much more expensive.
When you walked in it didn't smell like fish - so that is always a good sign. Very fast service (we did get there after the lunch rush) - and your sushi is made while you wait. If you share a roll and get the veggies, it is 10$ - which isn't bad - and that will be dinner too, because I still have half a roll and 1/2 my veggies, rice, and salad for tonight.

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