Monday, October 06, 2008

Menu Week - October 6

This week will be mostly boring and repitious - just because I'm housesitting most of the week and don't like to lug a bunch of stuff to where I'm housesitting.
Monday - Today is lunch with Brandi. She is making chili and I brought almond cheesecake bars (recipe and pictures will be up tonight). Dinner is chicken tenders and some roasted butternut squash (which will also be put up tonight.
Tuesday - PBJ, grapes, pretzels for lunch. Organic Butternut Squash soup (from WF) with green beans.
Wednesday - ASAHI with Hilary - it is a new sushi place down the street, so we are going to check it out. Check back Wednesday for a review. B-nut squash soup and tomato sandwich for dinner.
Thursday - Tuna Salad on Wheat with pickles and tomato (I'm eating lunch with Beth to go over Christmas goodies), pudding cup, carrots. Bnut Squash soup and a salad for dinner.
Friday - Yogurt parfait from Founders, fruit, pretzels. Egg white omelette for dinner.
Saturday is Huber's for lunch after we pick apples and pumpkins.
Sunday - maybe grab something out or make some pumpkin waffles.

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Anonymous said...

ok so about Huber's for lunch- We had lunch there after picking apples on Sat. and for Heath and I to both get friend chicken and carson to get a kids meal it was 50 dollars-including tip. RIDICULOUS! I would have just gotten a salad, but it was only $1 more expensive to get the chicken. CRAZY. Afterwards, we saw that outside they have a grill and you can get hot dogs and hamburgers for MUCH cheaper. The food was mediocre at best too...Just a head's up...