Sunday, October 19, 2008

Taste of Eclectic Louisville: Lynn's Paradise Cafe

I have heard so much about this place - and it is only 3 miles from the seminary - so my Mom was in town and we had to try it. It has a dish that beat out Bobby Flay on Throwdown - so we knew the food had to be good.
The decor is loud and eclectic. Very colorful. Anything from used tea bags overalls to giant tea cups. We got to play Cranium while we waited for our food. We called ahead and made reservations for 9a on a Saturday morning, but it wasn't necessary on this particular day. We got right in and got our food quickly. We were in an out of there in 40 minutes.
Mom and I love to split our meals at restaurants so we can taste more stuff. I totally forgot to take pictures of the food. We both had water. First dish was cinnamon raisin french toast with chocolate and vanilla bourbon cream and sugared nuts. Very rich and yummy. These are the ones that beat out Bobby Flay. There were 4 of them, we each had 2. Then we went for a more healthy choice: granola, berries, bananas with honey vanilla yogurt. Very good - and a ton of it. Both were excellent and very different.
Here are two pics of the decor.
If you are in the mood for eclectic and good food - Lynn's is your destination near the Highlands part of the ville.

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