Thursday, October 02, 2008

Grape and Feta Salad

This salad is everything a salad should be: quick to prepare, healthy, every type of taste in it...
I found the idea for this salad on another food blog. And I was going to grill a chicken breast to put on it - but once my chicken thawed - I thought it had a funk smell to it (from when I was w/o power) so I threw it in the trash!
These are the ingredients - and then use how much ever you need for the size salad or amount of people you are wanting to feed:

bagged salad mix
feta cheese
raspberry vinegar
olive oil
(I did use Banquet Chicken breast tenders)

I loved the tartness from the vinaigrette, the saltiness from the feta and chicken, and the sweetness from the grapes. It was quick - less than 2 minutes. It was yummy to eat. All the different taste buds had a party tonight.

Question: now - what to do with all this leftover feta cheese? Suggestions?

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Brandi said...

Sounds yummy...and different! Maybe you can use the leftover feta for a Greek salad, pita/gyro, omelet, beet salad...:)