Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Taste of Louisville - Lotsa Pasta

Oh the joys of living in this area of the ville. Everything is so close. Down the street (near Shelbyville and Lexington) is a specialty grocery store (a local Whole Foods) that has a great deli/cafe for lunch. Brandi and I decided to go there today.
I had the tomato/artichoke soup (only ate about 1/4 of it) and we split a chicken prosciutto panini - which was huge. I added water and baked ruffles.
The soup was nice and hot - being that it is cold outside today - it was a perfect compliment to the weather. Big chunks of artichokes, many tomatoes (but more of a creamy tomato).
The panini was shaved roasted chicken, prosciutto (which I took off because I couldn't chew it), sun-dried tomato pesto, and provolone. Their focaccia bread is amazing - not too tough or hard, heated through to melt the cheese.
So 2 soups, 1 large sandwich, chips, and 2 brinks (a Stewarts for Brandi and a water for me) was 16$ and we didn't have to pay tip. I thought that was pretty good. Soup was only 3.50 for a big container of it. And its always good to go with a friend - thanks Brandi!
I would really like to go back - build relationships with some of the younger ladies who work there. I don't think they are open on Sunday nights so maybe they would be interested in coming to Crossing which is out their back door too! It is all about Loving Louisville. Be intentional - even when you just go out for lunch!

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Anonymous said...

Sounds so delicious, and yes, I would love to go there for a bite to eat! (this is Kelly).