Saturday, October 11, 2008

Menu - Week of October 13

I actually have had time to plan my menu for the week before Monday. Amazing! So, some eating out, and some random stuff. I spent a lot of grocery money on my day at Hubers on fresh produce, so not a lot left over for regular grocery stuff...
Monday - Lean Pocket (meatball and mozzerrella), carrots, and grapes. Roasted acorn squash with quinoa for dinner.
Tuesday - Veggie Wrap from Founders with baked chips. Pumpkin Pancakes (making on Sunday) and applesauce.
Wednesday - Yogurt, apple and pb for lunch. My parents will be in town so we are going to Mitchell's Fish Market (at Summit) for dinner. Really, we are going to eat in honor of my brother's 33rd b-day - although he won't be with us to enjoy the food.
Thursday - Mom is making her Taco Soup, and some mini corn cakes, and some pumpkin spice cakes (shaped like pumpkins) with Brandi. Dinner is Grape Leaf with Mom
Friday - Yogurt parfait from Founders. Egg white omelette and veggies for dinner.
Saturday - Lynn's Paradise Cafe in the ville for breakfast. Then Cincinnati for the meals on Sat and Sun.
Looking forward to fall foods this week and eating out with my parents - and cooking some with my Mom while she is here.

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