Monday, March 02, 2009

Taste of Louisville: Bazos

There is a little place here in St. Matthews I've been wanting to try - Bazos. My Mom will try anything - so we went yesterday on the recommendation from Timothy and Rayann.
It would be good because I walked in and they were playing the Gator/Vol bball game - even though the Gators lost - still...
It was completely empty on a Sunday at 430 - don't know if that's a good sign...and the service was still about 10 minutes - so...
They have a frequent diner card, so anything where I can eventually get something free is good.
Prices weren't bad either - entrees ranging from $2.50-7.00.
So, we got the Baja Fish tacos - which everyone raves about them here in the Ville. I took one bite of the lightly breaded, wrapped in two tortillas, lime, tilapia - and knew I didn't need to eat anymore. There was no taste and it was slightly rubbery.
So, we also got the Shrimp burrito - sauteed small shrimp, black beans, rice, sour cream, cheese, thin tortilla - well worth the $6.50. It was really tasty. I had some of their generic, nothing special chips and made my half of the burrito "naked" and scooped it up with the chips.
So, I would rank it a A- for price, C+ atmosphere (it was clean and easy to get to), F for the fish tacos, and an A for the shrimp burrito.
Will I go back - sure. Will it become a regular - probably not, but there is more to try on the menu too.

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