Monday, November 16, 2009

Menu Week: November 16

New week - almost Thanksgiving. Wow - the year has totally flown by. I've enjoyed it very much!
This week won't really be specific - but I'll see what I can do (time prevention!)
I don't think I really have any leftovers, so pancakes will be for breakfast and then later in the week I'll make a black bean chilaquila that will probably last me till I go home for Thanksgiving.
The recipe of the week will be out of a Slow Cooker cookbook - hopefully a big pot of soup of some sort that will last me till I go home for Thanksgiving.
I'm eating a lot of greens and veggies and egg white omelettes as I undo the tons of food (yummy, but a ton) this weekend in Raleigh (recipes coming).
I also need to be drinking tons of water to undo the traveling and sodium!
Thursday I'm having breakfast with a friend. Tuesday is national bread baking day or something like that so I may try something in the bread machine for work the next day or to go with my soup.
I am heading out of town again this week (not leaving though until Sat morning and coming back Sunday night). So looking forward to it.
Ok - more specifics later.

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