Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Time, Bravo, Top Chef, and TV Dinners as recorded by Joel Stein

Gotta hand it to Time magazine. Joel Stein is a great writer. His article in the latest Time is called "TV Dinners Get Literal". A frozen food company has picked up a line of tv dinners that will be using Top Chef meals created for the tv show. I think you need to read the whole article (very short), but these are some of the "highlights". And I agree wholly with Joel Stein, just for the record.
Harry Balzer, a dude who tracks food trends, "You are going to eat four to five times today, and the one thing I know you aren't to do is try to get someone else to prepare those meals." Today I did that. I had a meal out with a friend. That is fine. Not all the time, but occasionally - and I love to eat out. But, very seldom do I have pre-packaged foods in my fridge. I seldom buy a rotisserie chicken because I know it is cheaper and tastes better when I cook a raw one in the oven. I don't buy frozen veggies that often because I would rather go pick mine from a local farm or buy them fresh from the market - even buy a ton of them and freeze them myself.
"I ordered all five of Schwan's Top Chef meals - which cost $10-12$ per meal." Folks - come on. I can eat on 5 meals for that. Or more. Do you know how much money you are wasting just to pop something in the microwave for minutes 30 seconds, peel off the cover, stir, and repeat. So, not only is your stomach and the rest of your body suffering - but so is your wallet!
"The cauliflower, though a weird glop that was totally unlike cauliflower, kind of compelling." I would rather spend 2$ on a head of cauliflower, take a minute to chop it up, put it on a roasting sheet pan, and throw it in oven. I don't want a weird glop of something white on a plate.
"They used fresh ingredients (talking about the Top Chef folks). By the time this gets to you, its a salty mush. I'm sure Kevin didn't put guar gum in it." All these fake ingredients - go on, grab a fake meal out of your freezer, read the ingredients - anything fake? You don't need them. I am loving eating a mostly whole diet. It is so much better for me. Even my granola bar today had 3 ingredients in it: dates, peanuts, and salt - all natural ingredients - and so very good!
"The Top Chef deal is targeting people who don't have time to cook but do have time to watch TV. Its going to make a fortune!" Oh, if people only knew how stupid and true that was. Joel hit the mark on the head. People will watch Top Chef just to have something to talk about at the water cooler (I'll be watching the whole season when I get home for Thanksgiving this week), buy all the Top Chef gadgets for the kitchen, and then use the knife they bought to cut a slit in the film cover on their frozen meal.
Wake up folks!

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Anonymous said...

Whole foods are so much better! I've even stopped buying frozen veggies because fresh, in season produce is just so much tastier and I've been making good use of my steamer. Thanks for the link to the article!