Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Fall Progressive Dinner

I had a great night eating dinner at three different places.Laura made a great fall salad. Romaine, pears, craisins, nuts, a Berry dressing, and nuts. It was yummy and light - a great starter course. She has such a cool water pitcher and gave us little baggies of candy corn! Yum! She also made the homemade bread with honey butter that we took to the next course...
Bonnie made a great full dinner. She roasted a chicken, roasted potatoes and carrots, green beans with a great seasoning from Aldi's, dressing with cheddar, craisins, and celery (from Taste of Home, I'll hopefully get the recipe). It was all so yummy!
I made a pumpkin butterscotch gingerbread trifle - individual so we could all enjoy our own! It is under the holiday link to the right.
What a great night. Thanks ladies - and I'm looking forward to a winter one!

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