Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Taste of Virginia Highlands - Murphy's

Thank you Dr. Wilder! That's all I gotta say about the choice of this restaurant. If you know where the Jimmy Carter Library is in Atlanta, you will easily find this community. Such fun shops and great dining.
Murphy's is a fresh seasonal restaurant with local ingredients, knowledgeable waitstaff, great olive oil (the best I've had) and reasonable priced food.
We got our free valet parking and got right in with a 6pm reservation on a Saturday night. We chose to get small plates and one regular plate to share:
Flash-fried calamari - this was hands-down the best dish. Not heavily battered or greasy. The best thing was the apple cider vinegar, apple, basil, and pink peppercorn dipping sauce. Such a great pair!
Handmade Potato Gnocchi - the broth was amazing, had lima beans and broccoli rabe in it, parm cheese, and then the gnocchi - I would have just eaten it without the gnocchi.
Farm Fresh Salad - Georgia tomatoes, greens, onions, with a citrus vinaigrette. So so good!Georgia White Shrimp and Grits - this was probably the least fave of mine. There was just nothing spectacular about it. I've had better.
But, thoroughly enjoyed our evening there!

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