Monday, September 22, 2008

Taste of Louisville- August Moon

Today, I finally tried a place some faculty members have been telling me about. August Moon is down the road from the seminary. I went with a friend for lunch to talk about college ministry at UofL. Great company, good food, and high priced.
Great atmosphere - very contemporary, a whole sitting area with cushions, a bar when you first walk in, not much seating inside, but there is more outside. It was pretty full when we went - definitely a popular place for the working lunch.
I got the Stir fry beef with peppers and onions - came with egg drop soup (which was almost as good as Chen's in NC). The beef was a different kind of beef then I am used to in Asian cuisine, but everything was still good. The brown sauce was great - not too salty. Becky got the beef and broccoli with onions. Her's was good as well - she raved about the broccoli.
To get our main meal it took a little time, but the soup/egg roll portion came out pretty quick.
The only thing that will stop me from going back is the price. Mine was 9$ for lunch (oh, a plate of rice between the two of us, which wasn't anything to write home about). Then add in tax and tip - I don't like paying close to 12$ for lunch. I'd rather pay half of that at Chen's in Franklinton or Charlie's in CH or Chai's in Durham. But, I've heard those places don't exist around here!
Oh, well.

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