Monday, September 22, 2008

Menu Week - Sept 22

I've been inspired by other food bloggers to plan my menu out here each week. Also, one of my friends, Laura and David (they are one because they are a couple), plan their menus for a month. Well, I can't go that far, but since I have nothing in my fridge (due to the power) and have to go grocery shopping - thought this would be a great week to start! :) I'll probably only do one meal a day - knowing that the other meal will be yogurt, or an egg white omelet or something not interesting like that! This will hopefully help me be more prepared and not spend or waste as much money! We'll see how it goes!
Monday - lunch with Becky - tonight is grocery shopping, so I'll probably either get sushi or something at Kroger or something quick at Wal-mart
Tuesday - Taco Slow-Cooker Chicken with Brandi. We are having our twice monthly lunch together - to chat and hang out. I've made this before but usually use a different recipe. We'll see which one I use and post it later on this week.
Wednesday - Progressive Dinner with Laura and David and Bonnie and Justin. L/D is making the salad, B/J have the main dish, and I have the dessert. I'm making pumpkin gingerbread butterscotch individual trifles and old-fashioned ginger cookies. The trifles are already blogged (in the holiday section) and I'll jot the cookies on here if they turn out well. I am still looking for a great ginger cookie
Thursday - Leftover taco chicken on a salad. Also, I'll be baking for a trip to NC on Friday. I think I'm doing chocolate chip cookies and oatmeal butterscotch cookies. Can't wait. I love to bake! :) Especially when the finished product doesn't stay in my house!
Friday - Sandwiches - we will be on our way to NC! What a great end to the week!

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