Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Taste of Louisville - Cycler's Cafe

Many friends here at Southern have raved about this place down the street from the seminary - so I went today with a friend. It was good, fresh, priced between 3-9$ with a drink and side item - so fairly reasonable - and you don't have to tip, so that makes it even cheaper.
This is a great place if you bike, come, get your bike fixed, build relationships with other bikers (not the motorcyle type), eat healthy food, and not break the bank (especially with the economy the way it is). The inside has tons of bikes on racks, riding gear you can purchase, a few tables (inside and outside), a drive-thru, and a cafe in the back.
They have burritoes, sandwiches, stuff like that.
I had a "Duff Field" The reason I chose this was because there was a baseball complex near my house called Duff Field - where I played softball in elementary and we went weekly to be at my brother's practice and games. Great times! It was a wheat tortilla, oven roasted turkey, avocado, cheese, mayo, and lettuce. I ate the first half as is (not all of the wrap), then for the other half I took off the wrap and ate it "naked". It was good. The avocado and mayo make it moist.
Kathy got the chicken burrito - and ate it "naked" to after it had been heated - so the cheese was melted. Had everything - including summer squash.
She even got to ask the owner (Joe) about how to get a bike to Zambia. See, more ways to share the glory of God at a cafe here in the ville.

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