Monday, September 29, 2008

Menu Week - Sept 29

This week's menu is definitely not planned since I was out of town all weekend, but we'll see how it goes! You'll notice a lot of salads this week - but I have to make up for eating a ton this weekend in Raleigh!
Monday - dinner with the Lamberts (friends at Southern). She is cooking the meal and I am bringing the dessert. It will be posted tonight, but it is a brownie pb vanilla trifle. I taste-tested some of the filling this morning while making it - yummy.
Tuesday - leftover Taco Chicken on salad (from last week) and then lunch with Kathy at the Bike Shop near seminary.
Wednesday - Banquet Chicken Tenders over romaine with honey mustard dressing

Thursday - Grape and Feta Salad with Raspberry Vinaigrette and grilled chicken - I found this on one of my food blogs I had to catch up with from over the weekend. Sounds yummy. I'll add the grilled chicken for protein
Friday - PBJ for lunch and egg white omelet and veggies/fruit for dinner.
Saturday/Sunday is traveling, hiking, picnic with a friend, and Pappalenos in Berea!

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Brandi said...

Aaarrrrghhh!! I can't believe you are having Papa Leno's!! Soooo jealous.....