Tuesday, September 02, 2008

In honor of Publix!

Ok - yes, I'm writing a whole blog post in honor of a grocery store - but when you are from Lakeland, FL - you have the right!
Since I was in Georgia this weekend - I was back in the land of Publix. And the girls dealt graciously with me as we went there a lot.
Their subs are the best! The bread, Publix meet, and mayo, lettuce and pickles - and then whatever else you get. Nena and I went for Turkey on wheat with white american, banana peppers, lettuce, pickles, mayo and mustard. Yummy!
Then their cupcakes - I NEED THE RECIPE! I can't get my cupcakes that light and fluffy and moist and a distinct flavor. And their buttercream - so fluffy!
I enjoyed it!

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