Sunday, October 19, 2008

Menu: Week of October 20

Leftovers and easy stuff since this weekend is pretty full for me. I hopefully will have sometime next weekend to cook some.
Monday - Lunch is taco soup and goldfish. Dinner is a cooking class with my friend Brandi - so it will be easy Thanksgiving Dinner. Looking forward to that!
Tuesday - Lunch is more taco soup and goldfish (easy for lunch at the office). Dinner is going to be late since I have to work at the housing office. So I'm going to do chicken tenders on a salad with cold mandarin oranges. Yummy! Also, baking a apple-pecan cake for Thursday.
Wednesday - PBJ and grapes and an apple. Dinner will be between working out and small group - so roasted sweet potatoes and fresh green beens.
Thursday - Tuna salad on wheatberry with veggies and fruit. Dinner is at the Jones' house for a colloquium dinner.
Friday - Yogurt parfait for lunch and egg white omelet for dinner.
Saturday - Panera for breakfast I think. Or maybe I'll find another great breakfast place in the ville (Blue Dog anyone) and then cooking and watching football and preparing for a talk in November. Sounds liks a great day to me! :)

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Anonymous said...

Try Wild Eggs for Breakfast on is sooo good!! I't on Dutchmans near the hospitals. Questions- are you really supposed to let the cake sit for 2 days?