Thursday, November 12, 2009

KIND Fruit and Nut Bars

Sitting here at the BWI airport - wanted something to snack on, really just some caffeine. I had seen this type of bar on some food blogs that I read, but had not seen it in Louisville before. You reall gotta love healthy, tasty goodness.
Picture of it to come, but I got the Almond and Apricot bar. Loved the subtle yet not fake tasting burst of apricot, whole almonds, chewy texture.
Here is the what the front label says: all natural ingredients, gluten free (celiac sufferers - just for you), wheat free, dairy free (vegan lovers), low GI (glycemic index) - which is a very good number (my physical therapist in the ville says you are supposed to stay under 50 on the GI), good source of fiber (we all need more of that right), no trans fat. There were some other random things, but those are most important.
Maybe not as few ingredients at Larabars (which I love most flavors), but very reasonable: almonds and apricots being first in line.
So, hopefully they aren't always this expensive (2.67 at an airport), so hopefully I can find them at TJ or WF or other stores like that around the country.
Good stuff. Will enjoy it all weekend

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Anonymous said...

I tried a Kind bar ages ago but I can't remember it now, so I need to try them again...they sell them here at work and I think I've seen them at Meijer before. Have a great weekend!