Friday, May 29, 2009

Menu Week: June 1

Since it is June 1 that means the start of my summer of mostly vegetarian eating. I will be allowing one meal of chicken, steak, or pork. I will try to work in one extra meal a week for seafood. The rest will be vegetarian. Mainly this is what I do anyway. I have a diet rich in egg whites, veggies, salads, nuts, whole grains, limited refined sugar, yogurt. So, this won't be much of a change, but we'll see if it makes that much of a difference.
I'm going strawberry picking - so I'll be having some good salads this week I do believe.
Monday - green beans with tomatoes and pesto (leftovers from last week), hard boiled egg whites, yogurt
Tuesday - curried zuks, strawberry spinach salad with an egg
Wednesday - tuna salad on whole grain, salad
Thursday - red lentil salad, yogurt
Friday - whole wheat pasta and vegetables (for race on Saturday)
Saturday - Papaleno's in Berea post-race Italian
Sunday - lunch out with a friend

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Brandi said...

I want to go to Papa Leno's!!! Please take me !!