Friday, May 01, 2009

Health Benefits of Foods

I find as I eat different things, some things are better for me than others. No surprise there. But, I also like knowing that what I put in my body is doing something good for it! Fuel to live - not living to eat!
So....right now on my desk is part of my lunch. Yogurt (free Trix yogurt, but fat free and only 90 calories), 1/8 cup walnuts (yum!), and blackberries and strawberries. I first love the texture changes in my little bowl.
Here is why these things are good for you:
Yogurt: Good bacteria in your system means good digestive tract - we all need to stay regular and healthy in that department. Calcium and vitamins that come from animal protein. Calcium and its absorption helps with reducing the chance for osteoperosis. There are studies that show yogurt helps control blood pressure. You do need to watch the fat and sugars of most yogurts (including the one I am eating, but it was free). I really like vanilla yogurt - and then I add the fruit, granola, or nuts. Find more info here.
Walnuts: They have a high dosage of healthy omega 3 fatty acids - the good fat that helps reduce cholesterol (I'm getting mine tested on Monday for the first time). Walnuts are also high in protein and fiber - both which help you feel fuller - longer (thus you eat less). Just make sure you don't eat a ton at a time! More info here.
Blackberries: I get to pick these this summer. Huber's has golf ball sized fruits. They taste amazing. But, these I got on sale at Kroger. I'll just have to wait till July. But, they are good for me (except the seeds getting stuck in my teeth)! Never knew blackberries contain the plant form of estrogen - called phytoestrogen - and can help reduce certain female cancers. These berries are also high in fiber and are antioxidants (good when the swine flu is going around). These are healthy little critters - I may have to pick more in July! Find more info here.
Strawberries: I hale from the winter strawberry capitol of the world: Plant City, FL! I love strawberry season (end of February through March). They are amazing. These things are really good for you too! One cup of strawberries only has 43 calories and has almost 15 grams of fiber and tons of Vitamin C. These yummy red berries are good for the heart and are loaded with antioxidants. And they help your eyes - helping preven macular degeneration (which runs in my family). I must eat strawberries! You can find more info on Plant City's favorite fruit here.
I hope you can see, that even with a small thing as yogurt with fruit and nuts - I am doing my body good. It tastes yummy too! And it is much better for me than other things I love: Macaroni and cheese, barbeque chicken pizza, sweet potato fries from Havana Rumba, Cold Stone Creamery, any pasta from Macaroni Grill, Moe's quesadillas. God made these thing: walnuts, blackberries, and strawberries - he gave them to us for our good.
I guarantee it we looked at a more healthy intake of these good for us foods (in moderation) - we would be a healthier nation and our cost of healthcare would go down!
Enjoy whatever you are eating today. May it be fueling your body for service!

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Bonnie G. said...

I just realized you're somewhere in town! Crazy... so sad that our paths won't cross. :( Anyway, I was wondering if you had any good suggestions for brands of yogurt... which ones meet the standards of good, but not too high in fat and sugars... just curious!